What’s Included with Table Flow

Automated Review Tool

Our innovative tool will automatically pull in reviews from popular platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook, to display on the website providing a comprehensive view of customer feedback.

Branded Pop-Up for Your Website

We will create a pop-up for the website, encouraging visitors to leave reviews and increase user engagement.

Feedback Review Filter

Gro WeViews powerful filtering mechanism will help highlight positive reviews while minimizing the impact of negative feedback to take control of the online reputation effortlessly. 

QR Codes for Menus and Counter Stands

Create eye-catching  restaurant signage, counter stands/banners with the business branding and provide unique QR codes for the menu, enabling a seamless and tech-savvy experience for even the least tech-savvy customers. 

Local Grassroots Business to Business Partnership

As part of our collaboration, We will Approach businesses on behalf of The restaurant we will network with other local businesses.

Offering a unique special discount coupon exclusively for employees of other local businesses, leveraging the power of partnerships to attract more customers, as well as attracting customers on off peak hours/days. 


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